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400 Errors

The API returns errors in JSON format along with HTTP 40x status codes.

Error Fields

Key Description
type Error type.
message Humanly readable error message.
detail Additional detail specific to an error type.


An access denied error.

  "type" : "auth_error",
  "message" : "The access token is invalid or has expired."

An artist not found error.

  "type" : "other_error",
  "message" : "Artist Not Found"

A parameter validation error.

  "type" : "param_error",
  "message" : "Email can't be blank, Email is invalid, Password can't be blank.",
  "detail" : {
    "email" : ["can't be blank", "is invalid"],
    "password" : ["can't be blank"]

429 Errors

The API will return an HTTP 429 Too many requests error when your client is over the rate limit (currently 5 requests per second). You will not be blacklisted by default, only throttled.

500 Errors

Internal server errors in the 50x range are not expected. Please report any 50x errors.

401 Broadway

The API has an easter egg, we'd love it for you to find it! You can get 401 Broadway, which is the address of the Artsy HQ in NYC, instead of 401 Unauthorized. Happy hunting.