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This User Details API is restricted to authorized applications and users with a valid user access token.

User Details API

While a user represents publicly available reference about a registered user account on Artsy, user details are the private portion of such information, including the user's e-mail address or phone number.

Retrieving User Details

Users can retrieve a specific user by following the "user_details" link from a user.

curl -v "{id}" -H "X-Access-Token:..."

User Details JSON Format

Key Description
id User id.
created_at Timestamp of when the record was created.
updated_at Timestamp of when the record was last updated.
type Type of user, one of "Admin" or "User".
email Email.
birthday Birthday.
phone Phone number.
gender Gender, typically "male" or "female".
authentication_token Token with which user can authenticate directly.
reset_password_token Token with which user can reset password.
pin Bidding pin
paddle_number Bidding "paddle" number
receive_sms Whether user accepts SMS messages
timezone The time zone the user belongs to.
timezone_code The abbreviation for the time zone.


Key Target
self The profile resource.
user Link to the user information.
partners Link to partners this user has management access to.


  "id" : "52fe4b28c94d114d36000001",
  "created_at" : "2014-02-14T16:58:17+00:00",
  "updated_at" : "2014-09-08T13:32:34+00:00",
  "type" : "User",
  "email" : "",
  "birthday" : null,
  "phone" : null,
  "gender" : "female",
  "_links" : {
    "self" : {
      "href" : ""
    "user" : {
      "href" : ""