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This API endpoint requires a valid user access token.

Users API

A user represents a registered account on Artsy.

Retrieving a User

Users can retrieve a specific user by rendering the "user" link template from root.

curl -v "{id}" -H "X-Access-Token:..."

Retrieving Current User

Retrieve the currently authenticated user by following the current_user link from root.

curl -v "" -H "X-Access-Token:..."

The response will be a 302 redirect to a "users" link with the current user ID.

User JSON Format

Key Description
id User id.
name User name.


Key Target
self The profile resource.
profile Link to the user's public profile.
user_details Link to user's details.


  "id" : "52fe4b28c94d114d36000001",
  "name" : "Joe Person",
  "_links" : {
    "self" : {
      "href" : ""
    "profile" : {
      "href" : "http://localhost:3000/api/profiles/52fe4b2ac94d114d36000005"
    "user_details" : {
      "href" : "http://localhost:3000/api/user_details/52fe4b28c94d114d36000001"