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Editions API

An edition set is usually a collection of prints created from the same matrix.

Retrieving an Edition

Editions are embedded within an artwork, but can also be retrieved individually by ID by rendering the "edition" link template from root.

curl -v "{id}?artwork_id={artwork_id}" -H "X-XAPP-Token: XAPP_TOKEN"

Edition JSON Format

error: the server responded with status 404


Key Target
self The artwork resource.
artwork Artwork corresponding to the edition.


  "id": "5097e5ebac8b8d0002000a07",
  "created_at": "2012-11-05T16:14:35+00:00",
  "updated_at": "2019-04-24T12:51:27+00:00",
  "dimensions": {
    "in": {
      "text": "17 11/16 in",
      "height": 17.6875,
      "width": null,
      "depth": null,
      "diameter": null
    "cm": {
      "text": "44.9 cm",
      "height": 44.9,
      "width": null,
      "depth": null,
      "diameter": null
  "editions": "",
  "size": null,
  "available_editions": null,
  "artist_proofs": null,
  "prototypes": null,
  "can_acquire": false,
  "sale_message": "Not for sale",
  "sold": false,
  "_links": {
    "artwork": {
      "href": ""
    "self": {
      "href": ""